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Undertale porn Frisk undyne METTATON EX Alphys toriel papyrus sans ...r34 undertale Fridyne shotacon 

#ch 1 / j //^ tf // 1 ! Ill' \ (r J,r34,,Undertale porn,,undertale,,Frisk,undyne,METTATON EX,Alphys,toriel,papyrus,sans,Fridyne,,,,shotacon

 This is a fan book based on UNDERTALE by Toby Fox. This book contains spoilers for the game.^ The characters way of speech is based on an inofficial translation.^ This book contains adult content, so please don't read it, if you're not old enough!,r34,,Undertale

-TV star of the world below -creation of ALPHYS -a ghost linked to a machine-serves king ASGORE -leader of the Royal Guard -goal is to kill the humans -strong, but a good girl at heart -in love with ALPHYS-human kid-came from the world above -runs away to not get killed-queen of the world below

H/irK oasisA neutral route story1 Stop Irunningyoubrat.'/ LwmmmmmlliiiilfriendlyPYR.OPE,r34,,Undertale porn,,undertale,,Frisk,undyne,METTATON EX,Alphys,toriel,papyrus,sans,Fridyne,,,,shotacon

/ saw this in ALPHYS history hooks.Hu wans are so cowarstty.8UT l WON'T SURRENDER/...is this his way of sayiny "Nikiff Iyou."'? )HURRY UP ANP TRY to STICK YOUR PICK INTO ME!!It smells like sushiHURRY UP/ JUST SB POMP I WITH /77M-MOTTHERE/111,r34,,Undertale porn,,undertale,,Frisk,undyne,METTATON

Once he gets his dick out ( will biteitomPull itFUCK MB!UNPYNE!L. can'tanymore.stop ft already..V.'.y.pi!v!v|\\ \\:i il V .V 5ill,r34,,Undertale porn,,undertale,,Frisk,undyne,METTATON EX,Alphys,toriel,papyrus,sans,Fridyne,,,,shotacon

After that, the human completed the neutral route and returned home. UNDYNE ended up working at SANS hot dog stand.am,r34,,Undertale porn,,undertale,,Frisk,undyne,METTATON EX,Alphys,toriel,papyrus,sans,Fridyne,,,,shotacon

WHATKINP OF QUESTION IS THIS!? jI have noticed that every time you come over, ALPHYS seems to be touching herself.See ya, ALPHYS!ComeagainWait amomentplease,UNDYNE.Here, see for yourself!MEfllTiR iliO H x U H D V,H EA story set after the true pacifist route and before a committed relationshipSay,

A-ALPHYSmasturbates.to me!? VThat's why I have been wondering if youj a fish person, has such needs aswelisaytng my name!/ love youNGAH!?WHATDid you even listen?DOINGDon't worry I don't have any feelings for you.THAT'SNOT THE...your breasts are quite small.PROBLEM!!asm

J ALPHYS j voice is 'fHfed with 1* ecstasy...You need to show your feelings; U'S frigidity IS not WorkincI need to learn all thisfor ALPHYS sake!This h/yh temperature and shakina'Don'tspreadShow me wore how i/ou fee//Mis program.*"y thighs...t'ispressure...\,r34,,Undertale

Very good I need to report this to ALPHYS.\V.VCUMMINS!WHAT ARE YOU PO/NOP I'LL TELL ALPHYS TO SCRAP YOU! \You might think it was a kiss, but it wasn't. We merely sticked our bodies together.7\. Didn'tpon't aM knowI am just a body less ghost?TURNINTOI tied you up quite quickly...,r34,,Undertale

Just for today...Jp shall I become your royal partner?..V.vMfSS&Hello? Can you hear meTogether we tried to revive King ASGORE's remains in many ways.A lot has happened.Queen TORIEL has intruduced new rules for the world below.UNDYNE continued her work as the Royal Guard Captain, but she also helped

mmy X v.viv,m&mMHUilAlright... I'm going to stick ASGORE's thing in..prepareyourself..V.WlllllwrnA complete restoration was not possible, so UNDYNE offered her own body...UNDYNE realized that Queen TORIEL always seemed to blame herself for the King's needless death.So in an attempt to brighten the

lilisjW^vXvX;lililiill#memory... ZOO years ayo ...neiyhbor and kiny...NAMEPON'T.WWWwv.w*-*.WHILE YOUFORGETABOUTCUM!!Queen TORIEL was hesitant at first, but in the end she agreed to the idea ASGORE knew the Queen was Seeling guilty because of the fights they hadHe thought that it was his win,

Listen! N You will bear my child. That way you will remember.even if itcarry on.v.w.Illllll111GOREYTogether with the shapeless ASGORE. I believe they finally reconciled.They were able to meet each other one more timeTo be honest, I was a bit jealous, but I didn't want to say anything...So you see,

hmmALPHYS'sinventionprobablypet's...if thafsneed to stretch it a bit...I don't Wave anything handy here, so a bone has to do thecase/ think next time we should use this! vthat's bigdouble headed . vibrator >-nT P/U ^ h ^ -tZ-y 2 ;*L P H Y N E h5& ISA story set after the true pacifist route and

1SLD WLLL IN THAT CASE. LUT ML LLND YOU A HAND!LILLTHI5,NDYNLx:x-xx-xx-x-x1.w.Uhw\...That'senough,PAPYRUSWMA'PThis is bad.. This strange rhythm... ...it isgetting.is reafW8$Mx'x^DONLALREADY'..v.v.^20>XvXvX ,\*!vX*X'X*X %*./ M /!,!v!\*>!v!v!vXv!v!v!v!rMmXv!v!v,r34,,Undertale

AH H!ENPUREjUNPYNE!WILL MAKE ME CUM!f!!'m gonna cum!* /can't;HNGH!\ HE WILLw[ WATCHrME CUM!!jXXvXvGARE. YOU ALRIGHT, NDYNL?SwX'iWX'i:':ill I i mmm..doWt\touchHNNP!THAT WA5 AN AM AZ-ING TRAINING!PAPYSORRY;111 ^,r34,,Undertale porn,,undertale,,Frisk,undyne,METTATON

NYn.fi1 THIS EIENDISH DOC CAME. TO STEAL THE TONE! .bark bark!.v.v.I'LL LEA VE IT TO YOU NDYNTn>x*xvx*>x->;vffi;.v.vv.vSANS! WE MUSTThat was a Misunderstanding and a half..thoughPAPYRUS'SINNOCENCEListen here... This was a secret training.so don'tiiWhat?*...if he finds out the true meaning of this

A story set at the beach after the end ofthe true pacifist routeI need to find a place to cool her down...v.v.v.vv-vl:Did thatsurpriseyou?ALPHYSThe new from this angfe and up dose is amazing!(LJ8 JpHS1ii%riv/Xv,r34,,Undertale porn,,undertale,,Frisk,undyne,METTATON

Well, since we aren't humans, this should be fine...iliillMjmmmmmm,r34,,Undertale porn,,undertale,,Frisk,undyne,METTATON EX,Alphys,toriel,papyrus,sans,Fridyne,,,,shotacon

rlvlvxxxAah-UNPYNE's tips. / want to fee(them(ike damson mine!haahW.VAJaaahfMoving like this./ LOVE IT!jpji/u!v!,TXv?i*i'!v!-Xv/!.\ yi||pg||kJlliiiii,IC,lvlvlv!\^,lvlv!vlyvl"tx^,r34,,Undertale porn,,undertale,,Frisk,undyne,METTATON EX,Alphys,toriel,papyrus,sans,Fridyne,,,,shotacon

Hey, is it okay if I try something?sureIf I do it like this to...your love juices will flowyourclitorismy own ray in a!UNPYNE'Sclitoris...mmm itfeeis w&my f%rm& clitoris y--vr ^ livaVrJTvis yet-ALPHYS! stroyed!You really P\ V JC"y (/%w#/ |insides! \y en in si...press/ny ayainst my

/ can't hold hackfALPHYSfyour \ tongue!..v.vXv.'X'l vfmmmmmkmmmHRP.R.VMEHD,r34,,Undertale porn,,undertale,,Frisk,undyne,METTATON EX,Alphys,toriel,papyrus,sans,Fridyne,,,,shotacon

TITLE HUM AN,HIt is about UNDYNE having sex! The whole book! Since she gets around a lot, I settled for the title "conveyor belt sushi".Can you blame him for advancing on the defenseless female Royal Guard Captain, who had chased him just moments before? METTATON?!---The curious and meddling

r34,,Undertale porn,,undertale,,Frisk,undyne,METTATON EX,Alphys,toriel,papyrus,sans,Fridyne,,,,shotacon

Hi there!I hope you enjoyed this fan-translation! Remember to support the original creators (Namboku the artist and/or Toby Fox - The creator of UNDERTALE)!Maybe buying me a coffee might fill you with Determination?http://buymeacoffee.com/crabble,r34,,Undertale


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r34,,Balto,all dogs go to heaven,lady and the tramp,,perversion,Balto,

DANGERDOBERMAN02272016,r34,,Balto,all dogs go to heaven,lady and the tramp,,perversion,Balto,

DANGERDOBERMAN02292016,r34,,Balto,all dogs go to heaven,lady and the tramp,,perversion,Balto,

minim04102016i ij 4' ) j4,r34,,Balto,all dogs go to heaven,lady and the tramp,,perversion,Balto,

r34,,Balto,all dogs go to heaven,lady and the tramp,,perversion,Balto,

r34,,Balto,all dogs go to heaven,lady and the tramp,,perversion,Balto,

/DANGERDOBERMAN05232016,r34,,Balto,all dogs go to heaven,lady and the tramp,,perversion,Balto,

)j/%4 ^ \ 1> 1i; J 1 c J iV1f/V 111J\V! ^ DANGERDOBERMAN06112016,r34,,Balto,all dogs go to heaven,lady and the tramp,,perversion,Balto,


source request zoo perversion ...porn 

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